[ stoo-per-uhs, styoo- ]
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  1. in a stupor or daze; having a reduced ability to perceive or respond to sensory stimuli: The overdosed patient will be drowsy, stuporous, or actually comatose.

  2. characterized by mental inactivity, sluggishness, or indifference; apathetic: “Some students are stuporous in class, if they get there at all,” the professor complained.

Origin of stuporous

First recorded in 1710–20; stupor + -ous

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How to use stuporous in a sentence

  • The name typhus is from , a smoke or fog, and it indicates the befogged, stuporous condition of the patient.

  • stuporous conditions may introduce the latter, and, vice versa, Ganser complexes may creep into the stupor.

  • He remained in this stuporous condition,  leading a more or less passive existence, for about a month after admission.

  • Memory, for both recent and remote events, fair, with complete amnestic gaps for the stuporous periods.

  • Has been uninterruptedly clear mentally since his last stuporous state, in November, 1908.