[ stahy-luh-lahyt ]
/ ˈstaɪ ləˌlaɪt /
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noun Geology.

an irregular columnar structure in certain limestones, the columns being approximately at right angles to the bedding planes.



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Origin of stylolite

First recorded in 1865–70; stylo-2 + -lite
sty·lo·lit·ic [stahy-luh-lit-ik], /ˌstaɪ ləˈlɪt ɪk/, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for stylolite

/ (ˈstaɪləˌlaɪt) /


any of the small striated columnar or irregular structures within the strata of some limestones
stylolitic (ˌstaɪləˈlɪtɪk), adjective
C19: from Greek stulos pillar + -lite
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Scientific definitions for stylolite

[ stīlə-līt′ ]

A contact surface usually found between two calcareous rock layers, marked by a series of jagged interlocking up-and-down projections that resemble a suture or the tracing of a stylus. Stylolites are found in rocks that have been subjected to pressure and are formed by a process, called pressure dissolution, whereby insoluble material, such as clay and hydrocarbons, becomes concentrated along a surface while other more soluble material, such as calcite, is carried away.
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