[ swahr-ez; Spanish swah-reth, -res ]


  1. Fran·cis·co [fran-, sis, -koh, f, r, ahn-, thees, -kaw, -, sees, -], 1548–1617, Spanish theologian and philosopher.


/ ˈswarɛθ /


  1. SuárezFrancisco de15481617MSpanishRELIGION: Jesuit theologian Francisco de. 1548–1617, Spanish theologian, considered the leading scholastic philosopher after Aquinas and the principal Jesuit theologian. His works include Disputationes Metaphysicae (1597) and De Legibus (1612)

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Example Sentences

Suárez has kept on hitting while playing a smooth third base.

While Suárez was looking into archived Spitzer data for a different project, he realized there were unpublished or unanalyzed data on dozens of brown dwarfs.

Natalie Suarez, 25, fashioned her green hoodie to look like a Dilophosaurus, the poison-spitting dinosaur from Jurassic Park.

And they have blossomed—Gwen Ifill, Judy Woodruff, Jeff Brown, Margaret Warner, and Ray Suarez.

Suarez, who was sent off for a deliberate handball, was more than deserved, but a calculated risk.

Uruguay 2-1 South Korea Uruguay continued its improbable run in this World Cup on the back of two goals by Luis Suarez.

Daemon by Daniel Suarez “One of the only works of fiction I've read in years… a terrific bit of sci-fi.”

It was familiar to the Scholastics, and it was pithily formulated by Suarez as, "Public is to be preferred to private good."

Catalina Suarez, whom he married, was an amiable and beautiful lady of very estimable character.

These exceptions, proposed by Suarez, are inadmissible, at least the two first.

The three men had returned to the room in which the conference with Colonel Suarez had taken place.

Suddenly a loud noise was heard outside, the door of the capilla opened, and Colonel Suarez appeared.


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