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[ suhb-jek-tiv-i-tee ]


, plural sub·jec·tiv·i·ties
  1. the state or quality of being subjective; subjectiveness.
  2. a subjective thought or idea.
  3. intentness on internal thoughts.
  4. internal reality.

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Other Words From

  • nonsub·jec·tivi·ty noun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of subjectivity1

First recorded in 1805–15; subjective + -ity; probably modeled on German Subjectivität

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Example Sentences

Now, the researchers that produced the dueling images are attempting to remove some of this subjectivity by introducing standards that may give more accurate and reproducible portraits of species known only from fossilized bone.

It will make a difference in your positioning and help you be transparent and trustworthy while bypassing the subjectivity inherent to perception.

They constitute, to my mind, some of the richest and deepest meditations on art, beauty, mortality and subjectivity in Western literature.

Liu has described the focus of her work as “the reciprocal relationships between science, technology, and their influence on human subjectivity, culture, and identity.”

Without that peer-to-peer connection, the lack of structure and the subjectivity of success in advertising has left one creative feeling adrift without a mentor.

From Digiday

Volatility of reputation and subjectivity of quality make it difficult to define the novel in terms of absolute excellence.

Subjectivity and exaggerating the foibles or bad reasoning of the opposition in political coverage was the norm.

One where there was little room for subjectivity, where the personal impression of the interviewer counted less.

And like most complex films, it is up to the viewer—and the sort of subjectivity he or she brings to the viewing—to decide.

I happen to believe an audience is totally capable of weighing in the objectivity or subjectivity of the filmmaker.

In the second definition of the sentence, as "uniting a subject and a predicate," the grammarian falls back on pure subjectivity.

The most passionate lyrics may be given with this change of attitude because of their great subjectivity.

“The Vagabonds” deserves study on account of its revelation of the subjectivity possible to the monologue.

What if this subjectivity were the true source of that peculiar certainty belonging to synthetic judgments priori?

To answer this question we must look a little deeper into the basis of this doctrine of the subjectivity of human knowledge.


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