[ suhb-mur-juhns ]
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  1. the act of putting or sinking something below the surface of water or any other enveloping medium, or the resulting state: This is a record for deepest submergence by a piloted vessel in Indian waters.

  2. the act of overflowing and completely covering something with water, or the resulting state: Indonesia's coastal areas face the threat of flooding or even submergence due to rises in sea level.

  1. the act of burying or suppressing something, or the state of being buried or suppressed: The army survives by enormous personal effort and submergence of the individual will for the collective welfare.

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  • non·sub·mer·gence, noun

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How to use submergence in a sentence

  • Neither tree nor bush grew upon it; their absence indicating that it was subject to annual submergence in the season of rain.

    The Vee-Boers | Mayne Reid
  • The spirit sank to submergence in the body, I remember combating motion like a drugged person.

    Lazarre | Mary Hartwell Catherwood
  • submergence, deposition of Cambrian formations; slight oscillations during their deposition; reduction of land to baselevel.

  • Perhaps it were better stated that submergence was complete in the basins in which Weverton sandstone now appears.

  • An overlap proves that a gradual submergence of the land was going on at the time the strata were being accumulated.

    Geology | James Geikie