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substantia nigra

[suh b-stan-shee-uh nahy-gruh, nig-ruh]
noun, plural sub·stan·ti·ae ni·grae [suhb-stan-shee-ee nahy-gree, nig-ree] /sʌbˈstæn ʃiˌi ˈnaɪ gri, ˈnɪg ri/, substantia nigras.
  1. a deeply pigmented area of the midbrain containing dopamine-producing nerve cells.
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Origin of substantia nigra

1880–85; < New Latin: black substance
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British Dictionary definitions for substantia nigra

substantia nigra

  1. a layer of grey matter in the brain that produces dopamine and contains pigmented nerve cells, loss of which has been associated with Parkinson's disease
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Word Origin for substantia nigra

C20: from Latin, literally: dark material
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substantia nigra in Medicine

substantia nigra

(nīgrə, nĭgrə)
  1. A layer of large pigmented nerve cells in the mesencephalon that produce dopamine and whose destruction is associated with Parkinson's disease.nigra
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