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  1. of ample or considerable amount, quantity, size, etc.: a substantial sum of money.
  2. of a corporeal or material nature; tangible; real.
  3. of solid character or quality; firm, stout, or strong: a substantial physique.
  4. basic or essential; fundamental: two stories in substantial agreement.
  5. wealthy or influential: one of the substantial men of the town.
  6. of real worth, value, or effect: substantial reasons.
  7. relating to the substance, matter, or material of a thing.
  8. of or relating to the essence of a thing: the substantial parts of the ruling.
  9. existing as or being a substance; having independent existence: a substantial being.
  10. Philosophy. relating to or of the nature of substance or reality rather than an accident or attribute.
  1. something substantial.

Origin of substantial

1300–50; Middle English substancial < Late Latin substantiālis, equivalent to Latin substanti(a) substance + -ālis -al1
Related formssub·stan·ti·al·i·ty, sub·stan·tial·ness, nounsub·stan·tial·ly, adverbnon·sub·stan·tial, adjectivenon·sub·stan·tial·ly, adverbnon·sub·stan·tial·ness, nounnon·sub·stan·ti·al·i·ty, nounpre·sub·stan·tial, adjectivesu·per·sub·stan·tial, adjectivesu·per·sub·stan·tial·ly, adverb

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  1. of a considerable size or valuesubstantial funds
  2. worthwhile; importanta substantial reform
  3. having wealth or importance
  4. (of food or a meal) sufficient and nourishing
  5. solid or strong in construction, quality, or charactera substantial door
  6. real; actual; truethe evidence is substantial
  7. of or relating to the basic or fundamental substance or aspects of a thing
  8. philosophy of or relating to substance rather than to attributes, accidents, or modifications
Derived Formssubstantiality (səbˌstænʃɪˈælɪtɪ) or substantialness, nounsubstantially, adverb
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mid-14c., "ample, sizeable," from Old French substantiel (13c.), from Latin substantialis "having substance or reality, material," from substantia (see substance). Meaning "existing, having real existence" is from late 14c.

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