[ suhb-stan-shuh-lee ]
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  1. by an ample or considerable amount; quite a lot: As a professor, my workload is substantially reduced or eliminated during the summer months.

  2. in a basic or essential way; fundamentally: The new law mandates equal pay for substantially similar work, whether at the same establishment or not.

  1. in a solid or firm way; stoutly or sturdily: In the far north, homes take more fuel to heat and also have to be built more substantially.

  2. in a corporeal or material way; physically: The Eucharist makes the very Person of Christ truly, really, and substantially present in the consecrated bread and wine.

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Other words from substantially

  • non·sub·stan·ti·al·ly, adverb
  • su·per·sub·stan·ti·al·ly, adverb

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