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[ suhb-stan-shee-ey-shuhn ]


  1. evidence sufficient to establish a thing as true, valid, or real; proof:

    The department may require employees to provide vouchers, receipts, or other substantiation for any fees or expenses claimed.

  2. the act or process of establishing or proving the truth of something:

    For scientific substantiation of health effects, the nutrients in these vitamin capsules must first be accurately measured.

  3. the act or instance of giving something material existence or concrete form:

    The protagonist is visited by a digital, partial substantiation of his late wife, awakening other ghosts from his past.

    The minister’s sermon was on Christ as the substantiation of God’s true love, true life, and true lineage.

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Other Words From

  • non·sub·stan·ti·a·tion noun
  • re·sub·stan·ti·a·tion noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of substantiation1

First recorded in 1625–35; from Late Latin substantiātiōn-, stem of substantiātiō; substantiate ( def ), -ion ( def )
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Example Sentences

Some Officers Have a History of ComplaintsPontillo said that having a substantiated civilian complaint, regardless of final discipline, is “very impactful” for officers.

The inspector general did not substantiate that Wilkie formally investigated Goldstein’s past by improperly accessing her electronic health and military records or asked others to do so.

In many cases, no one would go on the record or what happened could not be substantiated or did not rise to the level of intimidation.

This board knew there were allegations with 12 substantiated findings.

Complaints that aren’t substantiated lack evidence, according to state regulations.

How many doctors in the oncology world would be able to provide us with this kind of substantiation?

The Journal attributes the number to “people close to him” and offers nothing close to any further substantiation.

Add to that the facts presented here; they are overwhelming; the man's own admission and attitude are substantiation.

Words are generally held responsible for this fixation of the idea, for this substantiation of it into a kind of thing.

Then followed in rapid review the facts of history in substantiation of the claim.

The resolutions in question were published in the city papers and can be referred to in substantiation of this averment.

How was a glyphic comparison of the phonic symbols of both languages made in substantiation of the oral comparison?