[ suhb-stuhn-tiv-lee ]


  1. in a way that has to do with the meaning, subject matter, or essential nature of something:

    These guidelines and the current accessibility standards for transportation vehicles are substantively the same.

    I'm not qualified to substantively evaluate the scholar’s argument.

  2. to a large degree; significantly:

    This is a small difference, though, and not substantively meaningful.

    While constrained by congressional statutes, federal agencies can substantively shape the policies within their jurisdiction.

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  • non·sub·stan·tive·ly adverb

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Example Sentences

Therefore, for Dems, it’s imperative they win both Georgia Senate seats to have a fighting chance of passing substantive legislation in a timely manner, if at all.

From Ozy

Critics are advised not to be so snobby or to take solace in the assumption that these books will eventually lead readers to more substantive works.

Algorithms that determine which users get to see what content are mysterious to just about everyone, which is why a few of the more substantive questions during yesterday’s hearing were in regards to transparency.

His made a more substantive amendment to the House bill banning the acquisition of certain surplus military equipment.

His goal will be to keep the hearing focused on substantive policy issues as lawmakers weigh changes to Section 230, or a complete revocation.

Instead of substantively responding to these failed expectations, the ACE takes a spin-cycle approach.

Instead, busing was a failure—conceptually and substantively—because of faulty liberal assumptions.

Substantively, as opposed to stylistically, there was no New Left.

Substantively, I think he pretty well signaled that the Justice Department isn't going to take up this case.

"All the denials can be literally technically true without anything in the story being substantively false," he told me.

He would have been ugly, he substantively granted, had he not been happy; he would have been dangerous had he not been warranted.

I have myself used this word substantively, to express the rippled edge of a wing-feather.

Cardinal numerals, used substantively, are also followed by the genitive: zweinzec starker man, twenty strong men.

Stillness; the adjective used substantively, for the sake of the rhyme.

Fleury differs a little from this legend, but has substantively preserved it.


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