an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something, etc.

Origin of subterfuge

1565–75; < Late Latin subterfugium, equivalent to Latin subterfug(ere) to evade (subter below + fugere to flee) + -ium -ium

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a stratagem employed to conceal something, evade an argument, etc

Word Origin for subterfuge

C16: from Late Latin subterfugium, from Latin subterfugere to escape by stealth, from subter secretly + fugere to flee
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Word Origin and History for subterfuge

1570s, from Middle French subterfuge, from Late Latin subterfugium "an evasion," from Latin subterfugere "to evade, escape, flee by stealth," from subter "beneath, secretly" + fugere "flee" (see fugitive).

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