success story


  1. an account of the achievement of success, fortune, or fame by someone or some enterprise.

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Example Sentences

That same month, the company solidified its status as a startup success story when it was acquired by India’s largest ed-tech unicorn, Byju’s, for $300 million in cash.

From Quartz

There have been, and will continue to be, global success stories.

From Time

Connecting the contactless experienceBeing in more places at once is also critical to the contactless success story.

From Digiday

In the way of examples, what follow are success stories, each illustrating what’s possible when a content hub comes into play.

From Digiday

Early tech success stories like Alibaba, the e-commerce giant that Jack Ma founded in 1999, were the subject of national pride, lauded for proving to the world China’s economic and technological ascendance.

From Fortune

You have such a large portion of students who are economically disadvantaged, and you still turn out a success story every year.

As a powerful mother, outspoken artist, and affluent businesswoman, Beyoncé is surely a feminist success story.

The most surprising success story is, naturally, Kendall Jenner.

The Rwandan success story was not without a price, and for some the scars were slow to heal, when they healed at all.

Economic progress in Afghanistan is an understated success story, too often overshadowed by the intransigence of the Taliban.

From a feature writer to feature attraction—now there's a real booze-to-riches success story!

Each represents a little or a big success story connected with an individual problem.