[ suhk-er ]
/ ˈsʌk ər /
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help; relief; aid; assistance.
a person or thing that gives help, relief, aid, etc.

verb (used with object)

to help or relieve.



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Also especially British, suc·cour .

Origin of succor

1250–1300; (verb) Middle English sucuren from Old French suc(c)urre, socorre from Latin succurrere “to go beneath, run to help,” equivalent to suc- suc- + currere “to run” (see current); (noun) Middle English soc(o)ur, back formation from sucurs (taken as plural) from Old French from Medieval Latin succursus, equivalent to Latin succur(rere) + -sus, var of -tus suffix of verbal action
3. See help.
See -or1.
succor , sucker
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