[ suhch ]
/ sʌtʃ /



so; very; to such a degree: such pleasant people.
in such a way or manner.


such a person or thing or such persons or things: kings, princes, and such.
someone or something indicated or exemplified: He claims to be a friend but is not such.

Idioms for such

    as such. as1(def 28).
    such as,
    1. of the kind specified: A plan such as you propose will never succeed.
    2. for example: He considers quiet pastimes, such as reading and chess, a bore.

Origin of such

before 900; Middle English such, swulch, suilch, Old English swilc, swelc < Germanic *swa so1 + *līko- like1; cognate with German solch, Old Norse slīkr, Gothic swaleiks Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

Examples from the Web for sucher

  • An over-credulous person was a "sucher" since the day she had written it so.

    The Madigans|Miriam Michelson

British Dictionary definitions for sucher

/ (sʌtʃ) /

determiner (often foll by a corresponding subordinate clause introduced by that or as)


(intensifier)such nice people; such a nice person that I gave him a present

Word Origin for such

Old English swilc; related to Old Frisian sālik, Old Norse slīkr, Gothic swaleiks, Old High German sulih
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