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/ sʌks /


  1. an expression of disappointment
  2. an exclamation of defiance or derision (esp in the phrase yah boo sucks to you )

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Example Sentences

“It really sucks to be in your younger twenties,” Colfer told Esquire.

Republicans need to rebuild their brand, which Rand Paul said quite graphically “sucks.”

The false assumption that everything sucks now, and that everything was better way back when?

Today, she takes the formula from me and sucks down every last drop of liquid like a desert-thirsty nomad.

Or to put it another if equally inadequate way: Whatever comes next, sucks.

Verily, there is not a leech that sucks out the blood from the body more than these little ships do this camp of men.

But like the bee, while impelled by an instinct that makes it search for sugar, it sucks in therewith its solid sustenance.

A Laplander who cannot get Tobacco sucks chips of a barrel or pieces of anything else which has contained it.

It appears probable, therefore, that the young elephant sucks with his trunk only.

Thus the elephant neither sucks, eats, or drinks, like other quadrupeds.


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