[ suhk-shuhn ]
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  1. the act, process, or condition of sucking.

  2. the force that, by a pressure differential, attracts a substance or object to the region of lower pressure.

  1. the act or process of producing such a force.

verb (used with object)
  1. to draw out or remove by aspiration.

Origin of suction

1605–15; <Late Latin sūctiōn- (stem of sūctiō) a sucking, equivalent to Latin sūct(us) (past participle of sūgere to suck) + -iōn--ion

Other words from suction

  • suc·tion·al, adjective
  • non·suc·tion, noun

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How to use suction in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for suction


/ (ˈsʌkʃən) /

  1. the act or process of sucking

  2. the force or condition produced by a pressure difference, as the force holding a suction cap onto a surface

  1. the act or process of producing such a force or condition

Origin of suction

C17: from Late Latin suctiō a sucking, from Latin sūgere to suck

Derived forms of suction

  • suctional, adjective

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Scientific definitions for suction


[ sŭkshən ]

  1. A force acting on a fluid caused by difference in pressure between two regions, tending to make the fluid flow from the region of higher pressure to the region of lower pressure.

  2. The act of reducing pressure to create such a force, as by the use of a pump or fan.

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