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[soo-deyt-n; German zoo-deyt-n]
  1. Also Su·de·tes [soo-dee-teez] /suˈdi tiz/, Czech Su·de·ty [soo-de-ti] /ˈsʊ dɛ tɪ/. a mountain range in E central Europe, extending along the N boundary of the Czech Republic between the Elbe and Oder rivers. Highest peak, 5259 feet (1603 meters).
  2. a native or inhabitant of the Sudetenland.
  3. Sudetenland.
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Sudeten Mountains

pl n
  1. a mountain range in E central Europe, along the N border of the Czech Republic, extending into Germany and Poland: rich in minerals, esp coal. Highest peak: Schneekoppe, 1603 m (5259 ft)
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