[ suh-fahys, -fahyz ]
/ s蓹藞fa瑟s, -藞fa瑟z /
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verb (used without object), suf路ficed, suf路fic路ing.
to be enough or adequate, as for needs, purposes, etc.
verb (used with object), suf路ficed, suf路fic路ing.
to be enough or adequate for; satisfy.
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Origin of suffice

1275鈥1325; Middle English sufficen<Latin sufficere to supply, suffice, equivalent to suf-suf- + -ficere, combining form of facere to make, do1; replacing Middle English suffisen<Old French <Latin, as above


un路suf路fic路ing, adjective
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What does suffice mean?

To suffice is to be just enough, or adequate, as in I can fold the laundry later, so taking the clothes out of the dryer will suffice.

When something suffices, it might not meet all your needs, but it will meet at least a minimum of them. For example, you might feel somewhat rested when you get seven hours of sleep but really well rested when you get nine hours. Nine hours of sleep might be most desirable, but seven hours suffices.

Example: It could be better, but I suppose this will suffice.

Where does suffice come from?

The first records of the term suffice come from the late 1200s. It ultimately comes from the Latin sufficere, meaning 鈥渢o supply and be adequate.鈥 Usually suffice is used to describe an object satisfying the need for something, but it can also refer to a service or an action.

One of the most common uses of suffice is in the phrase suffice it to say. This phrase effectively means 鈥淟et us say this and no more after that.鈥 It is often used when the thing being said is obvious, but the speaker wants to emphasize the point.

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What are some other forms related to suffice?

  • unsufficing (adjective)

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How is suffice used in real life?

Suffice is commonly used to mean something is good enough.



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Is suffice used correctly in the following sentence?

This spare will suffice, but you need to get a replacement tire soon.

How to use suffice in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for suffice

/ (s蓹藞fa瑟s) /

to be adequate or satisfactory for (something)
suffice it to say that (takes a clause as object) let us say no more than that; I shall just say that

Derived forms of suffice

sufficer, noun

Word Origin for suffice

C14: from Old French suffire, from Latin sufficere from sub- below + facere to make
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