sufficient reason


  1. the principle that nothing happens by pure chance, but that an explanation must always be available
  2. the view that such an explanation is a reason for God to have chosen one alternative rather than another

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Example Sentences

And, even then, why should that make it a sufficient reason to oppose the offensive material?

Announcing the intention to obtain an abortion is often sufficient reason to upset many people.

Other aspects, like the ability to feel pain, are also considered sufficient reason to deny an abortion.

There seems to be no sufficient reason for explaining it by 'necklace' or 'gorget,' as if it were a separable article of attire.

Qui sonus ad aures nostras ideo non peruenit, quia vltra rem fit':—a sufficient reason.

It supposes that nothing can be a "sufficient reason" for a body's moving in one particular direction, except some external force.

They will doubtless continue to use the term phenacetin and we know of no sufficient reason for doing otherwise.

Indeed, there did not appear to be any good and sufficient reason why I should call upon them for more hard work just then.





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