verb (used with object), suf·fused, suf·fus·ing.

to overspread with or as with a liquid, color, etc.

Origin of suffuse

First recorded in 1580–90, suffuse is from the Latin word suffūsus (past participle of suffundere). See suf-, fuse2
Related formssuf·fused·ly [suh-fyoozd-lee, -fyoo-zid-] /səˈfyuzd li, -ˈfyu zɪd-/, adverbsuf·fu·sion [suh-fyoo-zhuhn] /səˈfyu ʒən/, nounsuf·fu·sive [suh-fyoo-siv] /səˈfyu sɪv/, adjectiveun·suf·fused, adjectiveun·suf·fu·sive, adjective

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Historical Examples of suffuse

  • At the name of Rochus I saw the blood rise into her cheeks and suffuse her whole face with crimson.

    The Monk and The Hangman's Daughter

    Adolphe Danziger De Castro and Ambrose Bierce

  • It seemed that she, too, at that moment felt some of the glow that the fall of the Alamo was to suffuse through Texas.

    The Texan Scouts

    Joseph A. Altsheler

  • Their attachment had been but physical; their affection only make-believe—to colour fact, and suffuse reality with romance.

    Why we should read

    S. P. B. Mais

  • For by drudgery is meant those activities in which the interest in the outcome does not suffuse the means of getting the result.

    How We Think

    John Dewey

  • Nothing can surpass the delicate tints of rose-color, silver gray, gold and purple which suffuse these summits in early morning.

British Dictionary definitions for suffuse



(tr; usually passive) to spread or flood through or over (something)the evening sky was suffused with red
Derived Formssuffusion (səˈfjuːʒən), nounsuffusive, adjective

Word Origin for suffuse

C16: from Latin suffūsus overspread with, from suffundere, from sub- + fundere to pour
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Word Origin and History for suffuse

1580s, from Latin suffusus, past participle of suffundere (see suffusion). Related: Suffused; suffusing.

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