[ swee ]


  1. a dynasty ruling in China a.d. 589–618.

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Example Sentences

In skating to gold, Sui and Han set a record in the short program, with a sharp, passionate tango that included a textbook throw triple twist in which Sui twirled three times above Han’s head.

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Sui said she began skating after watching Zhao, her skating idol, win China’s first gold in skating.

From Time

“It is well established that a fetus is not a ‘person’; rather it is a sui generis organism,” the ruling stated.

A study in American military control, a haunting sui generis novel, and a playful new short story collection.

For a long while Zinfandel was the mystery grape, apparently sui generis except that nobody knew where it came from.

Obama is something of a sui generis figure, yes, but I have my doubts.

Cosell was not only sui generis, he also faded quickly from public consciousness once he was pushed off the air.

This artist is, sui generis, a daughter of the people, of unconventional tastes and habits.

Infra quem quidem terminum præfatus Gulielmus concilia dicti Johannis Hyndlee magistri sui celanda celabit.

Invenient insuper Johannes et assignati sui dicto Gulielmo omnia sibi necessaria, viz.

What struck everyone who had the good fortune to hear Chopin was the fact that he was a pianist sui generis.

That finely dressed gentleman is not a physician but a homeopathist sui generis—he professes completely the similis similibus.