suit up

Put on clothes for a particular activity, as in Come on, fellows, it's time to suit up for the hockey game. [Mid-1900s]

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How to use suit up in a sentence

  • Then some one was sought who would take the suit up, but no one was ready to do that.

  • Now Gunnar tells them the whole story of the suit up to that time.

  • He drew the suit up over the clothes he wore and closed the front with one pull of a metal tab.

    The Finding of Haldgren | Charles Willard Diffin
  • Calhoun blinked at her, in the act of hauling the vacuum suit up his chest and over his shoulders.

    This World Is Taboo | Murray Leinster
  • The four of them hurtling on together, but inside that first suit up there on the front of the gravity rope, Dunbar was dead.

    To Each His Star | Bryce Walton