[ suhl-feyt ]

  1. Chemistry. a salt or ester of sulfuric acid.

verb (used with object),sul·fat·ed, sul·fat·ing.
  1. to combine, treat, or impregnate with sulfuric acid, a sulfate, or sulfates.

  2. to convert into a sulfate.

  1. Electricity. to form a deposit of lead-sulfate compound on (the lead electrodes of a storage battery).

verb (used without object),sul·fat·ed, sul·fat·ing.
  1. to become sulfated.

Origin of sulfate

From the New Latin word sulphātum, dating back to 1780–90. See sulfur, -ate2

Other words from sulfate

  • sul·fa·tion, noun
  • su·per·sul·fate, noun

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How to use sulfate in a sentence

Scientific definitions for sulfate


[ sŭlfāt′ ]

  1. A salt or ester of sulfuric acid, containing the group SO4.

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