[ suhl-fahyt ]
/ ˈsʌl faɪt /
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noun Chemistry.

a salt or ester of sulfurous acid.
any sulfite-containing compound, especially one that is used in foods or drug products as a preservative and that can cause severe allergic reactions in susceptible individuals: use in fresh fruits and vegetables banned by the FDA in 1986.



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Origin of sulfite

First recorded in 1780–90; sulf(ur) + -ite1
sul·fit·ic [suhl-fit-ik], /sʌlˈfɪt ɪk/, adjective
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  • More than a mere trace of the precipitate proves that some sulfite was used to preserve the meat.

  • In the most common process the reagent is calcium sulfite, made by passing sulfur fumes (SO2) into lime water.

    Creative Chemistry|Edwin E. Slosson
  • But the sulfite liquors of the paper mills are being worked up successfully into industrial alcohol.

    Creative Chemistry|Edwin E. Slosson
  • A combination of ground and sulfite wood makes the paper now used for news-print.

    How To Write Special Feature Articles|Willard Grosvenor Bleyer

Medical definitions for sulfite

[ sŭlfīt′ ]


A salt or ester of sulfurous acid.
sul•fitic (-fĭtĭk) adj.
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Scientific definitions for sulfite

[ sŭlfīt′ ]

A salt or ester of sulfurous acid, containing the group SO3.
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