sulfuryl chloride

[ suhl-fuh-ril klawr-ahyd, ‐fyuh-ril; klawr-id ]
/ ˈsʌl fə rɪl ˈklɔr aɪd, ‐fyə rɪl; ˈklɔr ɪd /
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noun Chemistry.

a colorless liquid, SO2Cl2, having a very pungent odor and corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes: used as a chlorinating or sulfonating agent.



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Also sul·fo·nyl chlo·ride [suhl-fuh-nil klawr-ahyd, klawr-id] /ˈsʌl fə nɪl ˈklɔr aɪd, ˈklɔr ɪd/ .

Origin of sulfuryl chloride

First recorded in 1865–70

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