[ suhl-fer ]
/ ˈsʌl fər /
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Chiefly British. sulfur (def. 1).
Also sulfur. yellow with a greenish tinge; lemon color.



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Origin of sulphur

Variant of sulfur

Definition for sulphur (2 of 2)

[ suhl-fer ]
/ ˈsʌl fər /


a city in SW Louisiana.
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British Dictionary definitions for sulphur


US sulfur

/ (ˈsʌlfə) /


  1. an allotropic nonmetallic element, occurring free in volcanic regions and in combined state in gypsum, pyrite, and galena. The stable yellow rhombic form converts on heating to monoclinic needles. It is used in the production of sulphuric acid, in the vulcanization of rubber, and in fungicides. Symbol: S; atomic no: 16; atomic wt: 32.066; valency: 2, 4, or 6; relative density: 2.07 (rhombic), 1.957 (monoclinic); melting pt: 115.22°C (rhombic), 119.0°C (monoclinic); boiling pt: 444.674°CRelated adjective: thionic
  2. (as modifier)sulphur springs

Derived forms of sulphur

sulphuric or US sulfuric (sʌlˈfjʊərɪk), adjective

Word Origin for sulphur

C14 soufre, from Old French, from Latin sulfur
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