sulphur trioxide

  1. a white corrosive substance existing in three crystalline forms of which the stable (alpha-) form is usually obtained as silky needles. It is produced by the oxidation of sulphur dioxide, and is used in the sulphonation of organic compounds. Formula: SO 3: Systematic name: sulphur(VI) oxide

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How to use sulphur trioxide in a sentence

  • sulphur trioxide forms thin needle-shaped crystals, arranged in feathery groups.

    Poisons: Their Effects and Detection | Alexander Wynter Blyth
  • sulphur trioxide is a colorless liquid, which solidifies at about 15° and boils at 46°.

  • Small quantities of sulphur trioxide (SO3) may also be formed in the combustion of sulphur.

  • sulphur trioxide is formed, and as it issues from the tube it is absorbed in water or dilute sulphuric acid.

  • Such oxides as sulphur trioxide, nitrogen pentoxide, etc., do not possess acid properties except in combination with water.

    Heroes of Science | M. M. Pattison Muir