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sulphuric acid

  1. a colourless dense oily corrosive liquid produced by the reaction of sulphur trioxide with water and used in accumulators and in the manufacture of fertilizers, dyes, and explosives. Formula: H 2 SO 4Systematic name: sulphuric(VI) acid
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Historical Examples of sulphuric acid

  • It would have to be sulphuric-acid or hydrochloric-acid ice.

    Planet of Dread

    Murray Leinster

  • This sulphuric-acid gas can be condensed and become a liquid, but it no longer contains the properties of sulphur.

    In Search of a Son

    William Shepard Walsh

  • The sulphuric-acid absorbers weigh about 18 kilograms when filled with acid.

  • It is found as a mineral, but is usually obtained as a by-product in burning pyrite in the sulphuric-acid industry.

  • At this there was a celebration, led by "Blondie" Wanacek, a sulphuric-acid expert handling tetryl on the Two.


    Edward Elmer Smith