sun disc

  1. a disc symbolizing the sun, esp one flanked by two serpents and the extended wings of a vulture, used as a religious figure in ancient Egypt

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How to use sun disc in a sentence

  • Pleasant the sunbeams to the marigold when the wind has carried the rain away and his sun-disc glows on the bank.

    Field and Hedgerow | Richard Jefferies
  • The winged Sun-disc appears over the former and the Crescent moon over the latter.

    The Non-Christian Cross | John Denham Parsons
  • The name of the sun-disc was Aten, and its worship was kindred to that of Ra, the mid-day sun.

    The Grotesque in Church Art | T. Tindall Wildridge
  • He determined to dethrone or degrade the former deities of Egypt and exalt the "sun disc."

    Oriental Women | Edward Bagby Pollard