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[ suhn-beykt ]


  1. baked by exposure to the sun, as bricks.
  2. heated, dried, or hardened by the heat of the sun.


/ ˈsʌnˌbeɪkt /


  1. (esp of roads, etc) dried or cracked by the sun's heat
  2. baked hard by the heat of the sun

    sunbaked bricks

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sunbaked1

1620–30; sun + baked ( def )

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Example Sentences

In South Africa, you can move between cool, green forest and sunbaked shrubland in a single stride.

In the driest months, dust billows across sunbaked farmlands where only thorny shrubs remain.

TAMPA — A practice horn blares, and a flock of fans under a sunbaked awning yells for the most famous Florida Man of them all.

Either way, make sure to leave early in the morning to avoid the sunbaked afternoons, which can still get uncomfortable in September.

There are a dozen Kurdish fighters manning an opposing sunbaked checkpoint.

Jack Kilmeny had not been brought up in the dry sunbaked West for nothing.

As sleep in that sunbaked oven of a room was impossible, the traveller sent for a carriage and went for a drive.

Their voices died away, and with them the dry noise of stones falling downward from their feet on the sunbaked mountain-side.

One of his boots had also burst, his wide hat was shapeless, and sunbaked mire clung about him to the knees.

For a moment the two stood, side by side, behind the trunk of the live oak, peering out over the sunbaked plain.


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