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  1. a tall East Indian shrub, Crotalaria juncea, of the legume family, having slender branches and yellow flowers, and an inner bark that yields a hemplike fiber used for making ropes, sacking, etc.
  2. the fiber.
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Origin of sunn

1580–90; < Hindi san < Sanskrit śāṇa
Also called sunn hemp, sun hemp, Bombay hemp, Madras hemp.
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Historical Examples

  • Thus to the Wahhb as to the Sunn, Muhammad is in all his acts and words a perfect guide.

    The Faith of Islam

    Edward Sell

  • The three first Khalfs are often well abused, and that no Sunn can bear with patience.

  • Ws kummt dem Menschen draus mit all' sein Horewanie, ws er derhorewet sich nor unter der Sunn'.

  • Both as a Sunn and as one who had not owned a suzerain, the position was unpleasant for Bbur.

    The Bbur-nma in English

    Babur, Emperor of Hindustan

  • But say, poore Place, in what manner didst thou entertaine the Sunn?

British Dictionary definitions for sunn


  1. a leguminous plant, Crotalaria juncea, of the East Indies, having yellow flowers
  2. the hemplike fibre obtained from the inner bark of this plant, used in making rope, sacking, etc
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Word Origin

C18: from Hindi san, from Sanskrit śāná hempen
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