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[ suhn-set ]


  1. the setting or descent of the sun below the horizon in the evening.
  2. the atmospheric and scenic phenomena accompanying this.
  3. the time when the sun sets.
  4. the close or final stage of any period.


  1. (of an industry, technology, etc.) old; declining:

    sunset industries.

  2. of, relating to, or characteristic of a sunset law:

    to add sunset restrictions to a bill.


/ ˈsʌnˌsɛt /


  1. the daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon
  2. the atmospheric phenomena accompanying this disappearance
  3. Also calledsundown the time at which the sun sets at a particular locality
  4. the final stage or closing period, as of a person's life

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sunset1

Middle English word dating back to 1350–1400; sun, set

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Example Sentences

The final amendment will have the city’s ordinance sunset if AB 3216 goes into effect at the state level.

Thanks to their size, any one of these can easily double as a bathing suit cover up—the material is lightweight enough to tie at the hip—or as a blanket, after sunset.

Paying for that, Ikhrata told me, would require a one cent countywide sales tax with no sunset.

He and Aguilar, the 16-year-old CEO, work from before sunrise to after sunset, but on occasion they decompress with Ping-Pong or an episode or two of a TV show — often HBO’s Silicon Valley, where they see themselves.

From Ozy

If you’re looking for great plain sunsets and a down to earth community, Denver is calling you home.

We wrote Before Sunset and Before Midnight while we were working on Boyhood, and all those films are all about time.

“We shoot at Sunset Gower Studios, and you can see the street through the gate,” he says.

But in 2013, the Van Gogh Museum finally overcame its reservations and authenticated Sunset at Montmajour.

“On the whole I kind of quite like my films without watching them every night like Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard,” he said.

“One club I worked at, Sunset Strip, they caught a 15-year-old girl trying to audition,” Sharky recalled.

In dry weather, they are now to be watered with lukewarm water softly showered upon them, between sunset and twilight.

Every evening, at sunset, the gates were closed, and during the night no one was allowed to pass through in either direction.

The prophets had long been painting the visionary dawn with pigments of that glorious sunset.

He heard himself speaking in an even tone about the view, the river, the gold of the coming sunset.

"I tell you," he said, and turned his head to look wistfully up at the eastern coulée-rim, all tinted with the blazing sunset.


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