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[ suhn-sheyd ]


  1. something used as a protection from the rays of the sun, as an awning or a parasol.


/ ˈsʌnˌʃeɪd /


  1. a device, esp a parasol or awning, serving to shade from the sun

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sunshade1

First recorded in 1835–45; sun + shade

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Example Sentences

Beach canopy-style tents offer a larger roof of sunshade and open walls.

Protect your whole crew with this large, modern canopy-style sunshade, equipped with solid anchoring.

Other options include rapid-heat front seats, heated armrests and heated front center console, as well as a 360-degree bird’s-eye camera, rear sunshade and Burmester surround-sound stereo with 23 speakers.

As for those rear-window sunshades, you likely won’t find them on competing models—at least not in this price range.

More recently, the company started equipping satellites with sunshade visors to stop the reflections.

Constance tipped her sunshade to shield her eyes, and she and Louis began a murmuring conversation which was impossible to catch.

"To be sure, there's not room enough for two under my sunshade," Grandfather Mole said.

And the next day, to his great relief, Grandfather Mole found his sunshade in the same spot.

The monograph on the Sunshade, called by the author ‘a little tumbled fantasy,’ occupies fully one-half of the volume.

She had a sunshade over her head, a deep-fringed thing with a folding handle.

The lake tree has a double crown, one rising like a sunshade and shading Kang-rinpoche, the other overshadowing the whole world.


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More About Sunshade

What does sunshade mean?

Sunshade is a general term for something that’s intended to block sunshine and provide shade—something that shades you from the sun.

Things that could be called a sunshade include an awning (like in a stadium or on the back of your house), a parasol (one of those umbrellas used for shade), and that thing you put on the inside of your car’s windshield so the car doesn’t so get so hot in the sun.

Although the word shades is a slang term for sunglasses, the word sunshade does not typically refer to sunglasses.

Example: I don’t want to get a sunburn while sitting on the deck, so I’m going to install some kind of sunshade.

Where does sunshade come from?

The first records of the word sunshade come from around the 1800s. It’s simply a combination of the words sun and shade, much like other compound words that start with sun, like sunshine, sunglasses, and sunburn.

Sunshades prevent sunburn, or at least provide a little shade so it doesn’t feel so hot when you sit in the sun. The word sunshade is often used as a general term, meaning it usually refers to a thing whose function is to block or reduce sunlight. Most things that are considered sunshades have more specific names, like awning. However, some objects are specifically referred to as sunshades, especially windshield covers or the similar screens that can be placed on the inside of car windows.

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If you’re going to the beach, make sure you bring a sunshade like a beach umbrella or pop-up tent.