[ dens ]
/ dɛns /

adjective, dens·er, dens·est.

having the component parts closely compacted together; crowded or compact: a dense forest; dense population.
stupid; slow-witted; dull.
intense; extreme: dense ignorance.
relatively opaque; transmitting little light, as a photographic negative, optical glass, or color.
difficult to understand or follow because of being closely packed with ideas or complexities of style: a dense philosophical essay.
Mathematics. of or relating to a subset of a topological space in which every neighborhood of every point in the space contains at least one point of the subset.

Origin of dense

1590–1600; < Latin dēnsus thick; cognate with Greek dasýs


1 congested, crammed, teeming; impenetrable.

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Examples from the Web for superdense

  • The star blows away most of its gaseous envelope, leaving only the superdense core.

    Islands of Space|John W Campbell

British Dictionary definitions for superdense (1 of 2)

/ (ˈsuːpəˌdɛns) /


astronomy of or relating to an extreme condition in which matter is forced into nonclassical states, as when electrons are forced into protons, leaving only neutronssuperdense matter

British Dictionary definitions for superdense (2 of 2)

/ (dɛns) /


thickly crowded or closely seta dense crowd
thick; impenetrablea dense fog
physics having a high density
stupid; dull; obtuse
(of a photographic negative) having many dark or exposed areas
(of an optical glass, colour, etc) transmitting little or no light

Derived forms of dense

densely, adverbdenseness, noun

Word Origin for dense

C15: from Latin densus thick; related to Greek dasus thickly covered with hair or leaves
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