[ soo-per-er-uh-geyt ]
/ ˌsu pərˈɛr əˌgeɪt /
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verb (used without object), su·per·er·o·gat·ed, su·per·er·o·gat·ing.

to do more than duty requires.



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Origin of supererogate

First recorded in 1730–40; from Late Latin superērogātus (past participle of superērogāre “to pay out in addition”), equivalent to super- “above, beyond” + ērogātus, past participle of ērogāre “to pay out,” equivalent to ē- “out of, from” + rog(āre) “to ask” + -ātus past participle suffix; see super-, e-1, -ate1
su·per·er·o·ga·tion, nounsu·per·er·o·ga·tor, noun
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  • But for all that, Horse Shoe, he wa'n't going to supererogate me, without getting as good as he sent.

    Horse-Shoe Robinson|John Pendleton Kennedy
  • To supererogate is to overpay, or to do more than duty requires.

    Write It Right|Ambrose Bierce

British Dictionary definitions for supererogate

/ (ˌsuːpərˈɛrəˌɡeɪt) /


(intr) obsolete to do or perform more than is required
supererogator, noun
C16: from Late Latin superērogāre to spend over and above, from Latin super- + ērogāre to pay out
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