[ soo-per-nach-er-uh-liz-uh m, -nach-ruh-liz-uh m ]
/ ˌsu pərˈnætʃ ər əˌlɪz əm, -ˈnætʃ rəˌlɪz əm /


supernatural character or agency.
belief in the doctrine of supernatural or divine agency as manifested in the world, in human events, religious revelation, etc.

Origin of supernaturalism

First recorded in 1790–1800; supernatural + -ism

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British Dictionary definitions for supernaturalism

/ (ˌsuːpəˈnætʃrəlɪzəm, -ˈnætʃərə-) /


the quality or condition of being supernatural
a supernatural agency, the effects of which are felt to be apparent in this world
belief in supernatural forces or agencies as producing effects in this world

Derived forms of supernaturalism

supernaturalist, noun, adjectivesupernaturalistic, adjective
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