[ adjective, noun soo-per-awr-dn-it; verb soo-per-awr-dn-eyt ]

  1. of higher degree in condition or rank.

  2. Logic. (of a universal proposition) related to a particular proposition of the same quality and containing the same terms in the same order.

  1. a superordinate person or thing.

  2. Linguistics. a term that denotes a general class under which a set of subcategories is subsumed: “Child” is the superordinate of “girl” and “boy.”: Compare hyponym.

verb (used with object),su·per·or·di·nat·ed, su·per·or·di·nat·ing.
  1. to elevate to superordinate position.

Origin of superordinate

First recorded in 1610–20; super- + (sub)ordinate

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How to use superordinate in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for superordinate


  1. of higher status or condition

  1. a person or thing that is superordinate

  2. a word the meaning of which includes the meaning of another word or words: ``red'' is a superordinate of ``scarlet'', ``vermilion'', and ``crimson'' Compare hyponym, synonym, antonym

  1. (tr) rare to make superordinate

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