[ soo-per-pohz ]
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verb (used with object),su·per·posed, su·per·pos·ing.
  1. to place above or upon something else, or one upon another.

  2. Geometry. to place (one figure) in the space occupied by another, so that the two figures coincide throughout their whole extent.

Origin of superpose

From the French word superposer, dating back to 1815–25. See super-, pose1

Other words from superpose

  • su·per·pos·a·ble, adjective

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British Dictionary definitions for superpose


/ (ˌsuːpəˈpəʊz) /

  1. geometry to transpose (the coordinates of one geometric figure) to coincide with those of another

  2. a rare word for superimpose (def. 1)

Origin of superpose

C19: from French superposer, from Latin superpōnere, from super- + pōnere to place

Derived forms of superpose

  • superposable, adjective

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