[ soo-per-skrip-shuhn ]
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  1. the act of superscribing.

  2. something that is superscribed.

  1. an address on a letter, parcel, or the like.

  2. Pharmacology. the sign ℞, meaning “take,” at the beginning of a prescription.

Origin of superscription

1350–1400; Middle English superscripcioun<Late Latin superscrīptiōn- (stem of superscrīptiō) a writing above. See superscript, -ion

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How to use superscription in a sentence

  • One glance at the superscription was enough for him to see that Ruth's chubby little hand had guided the pen.

  • The superscription seemed familiar—he had seen that handwriting before.

    Jolly Sally Pendleton | Laura Jean Libbey
  • He looked at the superscription, and cut the envelope open neatly with his pocket-knife so as not to break the seal.

    Greifenstein | F. Marion Crawford
  • She took the envelope with a great show of indifference and looked attentively at the superscription.

    Greifenstein | F. Marion Crawford
  • And the superscription about his little seal is this: "The fortitude of God; the seal of the emperor of all men."

British Dictionary definitions for superscription


/ (ˌsuːpəˈskrɪpʃən) /

  1. the act of superscribing

  2. a superscribed title, address, etc

  1. the symbol (℞) at the head of a medical prescription, which stands for the Latin word recipe (take)

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