superspreading event

or su·per-spread·ing e·vent

[ soo-per-spred-ing i-vent ]
/ ˈsu pərˌsprɛd ɪŋ ɪˈvɛnt /
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Pathology. an incidence of transmission of a highly active contagion to a larger number of people than average, often characterized by explosive growth of contracted illness early in an outbreak and sustained transmission thereafter: Our findings strongly suggest that a superspreading event occurred during the wedding, as a number of the guests have fallen ill and are testing positive for the virus.
a social event or other, usually large, gathering of people that results in, or is likely to result in, a significant spreading of a highly active contagion, as during a pandemic: I support the home team as much as I ever did, but I won’t be attending any superspreading events.
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Also called su·per·spread·er e·vent, su·per-spread·er e·vent [soo-per-spred-er i-vent] /ˈsu pərˌsprɛd ər ɪˈvɛnt/ .

Origin of superspreading event

First recorded in 1990–95
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