[ suhp-li-keyt ]
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verb (used without object),sup·pli·cat·ed, sup·pli·cat·ing.
  1. to pray humbly; make humble and earnest entreaty or petition.

verb (used with object),sup·pli·cat·ed, sup·pli·cat·ing.
  1. to pray humbly to; entreat or petition humbly.

  2. to seek or ask for by humble entreaty.

Origin of supplicate

First recorded in 1375–1425; late Middle English, from Latin supplicātus “knelt,” past participle of supplicāre “to kneel,” from supplic-, stem of supplex “submissive, suppliant” (see supple) + -āre, infinitive verb suffix

synonym study For supplicate

2. See appeal.

Other words for supplicate

Other words from supplicate

  • sup·pli·cat·ing·ly, adverb
  • sup·pli·ca·to·ry [suhp-li-kuh-tawr-ee, -tohr-ee], /ˈsʌp lɪ kəˌtɔr i, -ˌtoʊr i/, adjective
  • non·sup·pli·cat·ing, adjective
  • pre·sup·pli·cate, verb (used with object), pre·sup·pli·cat·ed, pre·sup·pli·cat·ing.
  • un·sup·pli·cat·ed, adjective
  • un·sup·pli·cat·ing, adjective
  • un·sup·pli·cat·ing·ly, adverb

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British Dictionary definitions for supplicate


/ (ˈsʌplɪˌkeɪt) /

  1. to make a humble request to (someone); plead

  2. (tr) to ask for or seek humbly

Origin of supplicate

C15: from Latin supplicāre to beg on one's knees; see supple

Derived forms of supplicate

  • supplicatory, adjective

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