supply line

[ suh-plahy lahyn ]


  1. a route by which goods are transported to those using or purchasing them, especially one carrying food and equipment for troops during a war:

    They thrust deeply into enemy territory, attacking enemy headquarters, communications, and supply lines.

    The trucker blockade shut off a major supply line from Canada to the United States.

  2. a tube, pipe, or cable that carries water, fuel, electricity, etc., to the place where it is needed or used:

    Locate the water supply line coming into the valve and turn it off at the source, typically under the sink.

    Crews are working to get the pipeline back in service, as it is a major supply line to several southern states.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of supply line1

First recorded in 1860–65

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Example Sentences

And in the next few hours or days their last supply line to the outside very likely will be cut.

If I lost millions, it's because so-and-so A swindled me, or so-and-so B down the supply line didn't do his part, and it hurt me.

They think this will pressure us into changing our stance on the NATO supply line?

Syria breaking with Iran and Hizbullah will break the supply line between Tehran and Beirut.

Not to mention, Pakistan controls the main supply line for NATO forces from Karachi to Kabul in Afghanistan.

Close valve in gasoline supply line and start the motor, letting it run until the gasoline is exhausted.

They traveled west by catching rides on the supply line vehicles.

Up the thousand-foot slope of tumbled rocks below that one vulnerable point, a fantastic supply line was established.

The rich western Mississippi is now closed as a supply line for the armies.

Their supply line was too long and their fleet had suffered greatly at the hands of the defenders of Nansal.





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