[ suh-prest ]
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  1. stopped or kept from carrying on normal activity:In the late 1700s, all members of the suppressed Jesuit Order flocked to Rome from other European countries where they were not tolerated.

  2. kept in or repressed, as a laugh, feeling, thought, etc.:I heard a suppressed giggle from under the bed.

  1. withheld from disclosure or publication:There is a reasonable probability that the suppressed evidence would have produced a different verdict.

  2. stopped or arrested, as a cough, bodily process, etc.:Their study examines how viral therapy combined with a suppressed immune response could be more effective against solid tumors.

  3. vanquished or subdued; quelled:Six casino workers were killed in a brutally suppressed strike.

  4. done away with or abolished, by or as by authority:Generations later, descendants of the colonists have generally accepted the formerly suppressed practice of tattooing.

  5. kept from being expressed genetically:The promise of reversing sickle cell disease symptoms by reactivating a suppressed gene has attracted considerable interest.

  1. the simple past tense and past participle of suppress.

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  • sup·pressed·ly [suh-prest-lee, -pres-id-], /səˈprɛst li, -ˈprɛs ɪd-/, adverb
  • non·sup·pressed, adjective
  • qua·si-sup·pressed, adjective
  • un·sup·pressed, adjective
  • well-sup·pressed, adjective

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