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[ shoor-i-nuhf, shur- ]


, Older Use.
  1. real; genuine.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of sure-enough1

First recorded in 1535–45

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Idioms and Phrases

Actually, as one might have thought, as in Sure enough, the plane was three hours late . [Mid-1500s]

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Example Sentences

And sure enough, before long, immigration activists in North Carolina were picketing Hagan at campaign events.

And sure enough, consumer prices in Russia are now rising at a 6.9 percent annual rate.

And sure enough, a recent headline on Business Insider declared “This Tiny Berry Is Being Called The Next Superfruit.”

But sure enough, when the crucial moment came, Mom shot right up and introduced herself, saying what she did.

Sure enough, what happens when a hot guy tries too hard happened: I lost interest.

And sure enough when Sunday came, and the pencil was restored to him, he promptly showed nurse his picture.

So when the bunch got out quite a ways, I quits the camp an' swings round in a wide circle—an' sure enough they'd left their mark.

It'll be a sure enough smoky one, too, with this mixture uh dry grass an' the new growth springin' up.

“Your taste in music is mighty poor, sure enough, Burd,” commented Darry.

Richard shook his head, not quite satisfied, but not sure enough that he entered into her meaning to question it.


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