[ soor-uh ]
/ ˈsʊər ə /
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noun Veterinary Pathology.

an often fatal infectious disease of horses, camels, elephants, and dogs caused by a blood-infecting protozoan parasite, Trypanosoma evansi, transmitted by the bite of horseflies, characterized by fever, anemia, and emaciation.



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Origin of surra

First recorded in 1885–90, surra is from the Marathi word sūra heavy breathing sound
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Example sentences from the Web for surra

  • Oh, surra bit o' me knows a word she's sayin', though it's mighty like the Irish of a Connaught man.

    Cedar Creek|Elizabeth Hely Walshe
  • Surra is a wet-weather disease, occurring chiefly during or immediately after heavy rainfalls, floods, or inundations.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse|United States Department of Agriculture
  • Surra in equines and camels is said to be an invariably fatal disease, but cattle occasionally recover from it.

    Special Report on Diseases of the Horse|United States Department of Agriculture

British Dictionary definitions for surra

/ (ˈsʊərə) /


a tropical febrile disease of cattle, horses, camels, and dogs, characterized by severe emaciation: caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma evansi and transmitted by fleas

Word Origin for surra

from Marathi
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