[ sur-uh-guh-see, suhr ]


  1. the state of being a surrogate or surrogate mother.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of surrogacy1

First recorded in 1810–20

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Example Sentences

The biological mother empathized with the couple’s situation, recognizing that common routes to same-sex parenthood — adoption, fertility treatments, sperm donor and gestational surrogacy — can be expensive.

They’d had Sofia through surrogacy and had been hoping to have another child, Pakota said.

Parenthood is now possible for people who never imagined it in their futures, including same-sex couples and single parents, thanks to such refinements as egg donors, surrogacy and the successful freezing of eggs, sperm and embryos.

We’re now in our early 40s, so obviously the window for having a child through natural means has closed, but I’ve been researching adoption and surrogacy and think it may be the path for us.

To legally marry my partner, we had to travel to Canada, and to legally have children via surrogacy, it required seven separate trips to America totaling 100,000 miles, $300,000, and about three months off from work.

From Quartz

India was once considered the go-to spot for commercial surrogacy, but Thailand is the emerging market, so to speak.

Unfortunately, that is rarely the case in the commercial surrogacy industry.

The horrific case of an abandoned baby with Down syndrome has exposed the lawless world of international surrogacy.

Everingham says it is essential for surrogacy agencies to be better monitored.

That also made it appealing for couples barred from the (relatively) regulated world of Indian commercial surrogacy.


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