[ ser-vey-er ]
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  1. a person whose occupation is surveying.

  2. an overseer or supervisor.

  1. Chiefly British. a person who inspects something officially for the purpose of ascertaining condition, value, etc.

  2. (formerly) a U.S. customs official responsible for ascertaining the quantity and value of imported merchandise.

  3. (initial capital letter)U.S. Aerospace. one of a series of space probes (1966–68) that analyzed lunar soil and obtained other scientific information after soft-landing on the moon.

Origin of surveyor

1375–1425; late Middle English surveio(u)r<Anglo-French surveiour;Middle French surve(i)our, equivalent to surve(i)- (see survey) + -our-or2

Other words from surveyor

  • sur·vey·or·ship, noun

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British Dictionary definitions for surveyor


/ (sɜːˈveɪə) /

  1. a person whose occupation is to survey land or buildings: See also quantity surveyor

  2. mainly British a person concerned with the official inspection of something for purposes of measurement and valuation

  1. a person who carries out surveys, esp of ships (marine surveyor) to determine seaworthiness, etc

  2. a customs official

  3. archaic a supervisor

Derived forms of surveyor

  • surveyorship, noun

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