survival kit


  1. Military. a package containing medical supplies, rations, and other vital equipment for use by a person forced to land in or parachute into the ocean, jungle, or other isolated or hostile territory.
  2. a similar emergency kit for campers, hikers, etc.

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Example Sentences

The post Build your emergency preparedness stockpile with these survival kits and essential tools on sale appeared first on Popular Science.

What could have ended up as a crippling dysfunction in any other incarnation turned out to be my survival kit, not just in life, but in my chosen craft.

A signal mirror is a key tool to include in any survival kit.

For a pocket-sized survival kit, it’s hard to beat the light weight and effectiveness of Katadyn’s MicroPUR water disinfection tablets.

Build a fireIn any survival emergency, the fire-starting gear in your survival kit will be worth its weight in gold.

I went to the shuttler's locker, located a canteen in a survival kit, filled it and left the ship.

He and Thorvald could satisfy their hunger with a handful of concentrates from the survival kit.

If we go back, I thought, we can trek on somewhere—anywhere—richer by the loot from the plane, especially that Survival Kit.

He dragged the survival kit from behind the seat and pulled out some rations, a first-aid kit, finally a tele-talkie.

He snapped the survival kit to his belt and picked up the tele-talkie.





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