[ soo-zuhn ]


  1. a female given name, form of Susanna or Susannah.

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Example Sentences

For Julia and Susan, this network of care includes not just each other, but the loved ones they’ve each lost and this growing community of women helping each other through the storm.

From Time

Susan agrees, partly because she’s unsure about her future with Andreas.

“We have the dogs, sweetie,” Susan said, declining our invitation.

Released before she was tested, she unknowingly brought the virus home to Susan.

In 1997, Gianforte, then a recent Montana transplant, cofounded a customer-service software company with his wife, Susan, called RightNow Technologies.

“And there is definitely a bit of Susan in this [with] Emily Dickinson and Virginia Woolf,” she said.

Her uniform—strapless white bra, blue jeans, suspenders, and fiery red mohawk—evokes the era of Desperately Seeking Susan.

Sally Beauty has also partnered with Susan G. Komen to sell special pink cosmetic products.

Panetta said this week in an interview with Susan Page of USA Today.

One of the first children Palmer met there was a girl named Susan.

Aunt Susan, who went over this year, says the traveling there is just as rough as it was before the war.

We merely tell thus much to account for her position and her partial refinement—both of which conditions she shared with Susan.

While he was talking, Susan, who had been provided with a seat and a glass of water, gazed at him with profound interest.

Being so tall, he just managed to reach those of Susan, as she stood up in the rumble.

Susan Maples was the first to lay hold of the thick end of the bulrush, by which Harry led her across.