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[ suh-sep-tuh-bil-i-tee ]


, plural sus·cep·ti·bil·i·ties.
  1. state or character of being susceptible:

    susceptibility to disease.

  2. capacity for receiving mental or moral impressions; tendency to be emotionally affected.
  3. susceptibilities, capacities for emotion; feelings:

    His susceptibilities are easily wounded.

  4. Electricity.


/ səˌsɛptəˈbɪlɪtɪ /


  1. the quality or condition of being susceptible
  2. the ability or tendency to be impressed by emotional feelings; sensitivity
  3. plural emotional sensibilities; feelings
  4. physics
    1. Also calledelectric susceptibility (of a dielectric) the amount by which the relative permittivity differs from unity Χ
    2. Also calledmagnetic susceptibility (of a magnetic medium) the amount by which the relative permeability differs from unity Κ

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Other Words From

  • nonsus·cepti·bili·ty noun
  • over·sus·cepti·bili·ty noun
  • presus·cepti·bili·ty noun plural presusceptibilities
  • unsus·cepti·bili·ty noun
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Word History and Origins

Origin of susceptibility1

First recorded in 1635–45; from Medieval Latin susceptibilitās, equivalent to susceptibilis(is) susceptible + -itās- -ity
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Example Sentences

Those variants aren’t necessarily the genetic tweaks that lead to more severe disease, but they flag that one or more genes in the region might be responsible for increasing susceptibility to the coronavirus.

One of the biggest problems facing quantum computers is their susceptibility to disturbances, which can easily introduce errors into their calculations.

Scientists have speculated other factors influence susceptibility, including pre-existing levels of inflammation and immunity, the amount of virus that starts an infection, and patients’ genetic makeup.

From Fortune

In May, they tangled over children’s susceptibility to the coronavirus.

However, in an ongoing pandemic with no guarantee that a vaccine will be available anytime soon, the heterogeneity of susceptibility has real implications for the disease’s herd immunity threshold.

Arsenic can also cause cardiovascular disease, which African-Americans have greater genetic susceptibility for, she said.

One, creative fields differ in many respects, ranging from cost of production to susceptibility to digital copying.

The susceptibility of otherwise sane folks to End Times enthusiasms is odd but perhaps a bit predictable.

Our new hero has found that his capacity for love and his susceptibility to loss are more powerful than his hunger for tail.

There are others who disclose a special susceptibility to the more simple effects of pathos.

Even orthodoxy must trip it on tiptoe; there was always some prejudice, some susceptibility to consider.

These were terrific moments; I had already felt them, but never with such intense susceptibility as then.

She dwelt on the ancestral causes that gave him a nature of exceptional and dangerous susceptibility.

Or there may be mental weakness and neurotic susceptibility in regard to a special class of impressions.